Nippon Holding Lanka

Nippon Holdings Lanka Private Limited has a history of 20 years, where it was originally started in 1995 as a sole proprietary business and converted in to limited liability Company in 2007. MR: M.M.M AROOS who was the sole founder/ proprietor of the business namely Nippon Traders, subsequently became the Chairman/ Managing Director of Nippon Holdings Lanka Private Limited and has altogether more than 20 years of experience in the trade.

The core business of the organization is to import Bathroom Accessories, Hand Tools, lock Series, Abrasive Products and Home Electrical Appliances and distribute whole sale to the fixed dealers, who in turn market the products to various outlets that deal with end customers. We import most of the items from Peoples Republic of China, Malaysia, India and Turkey. We always emphasize on quality products which give the customer long lasting usage at a very affordable price in the market.

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